about hi i'm nana : ⋆·˚ ༘ * malay , muslim , southeast asian , female , she/her o◡o cats, sleeping, reading, daydreaming, ghibli, pinterest, math notes cr jjuniiy for this crd layout

byi can be awkward & sensitive, pls dpmo on purpose, if u're uncomfy lmk, & i dl when people try to engage me in gossipdni islamophobes, rude, sends gore / nsfw 2 me w/o perm, backbiters, zionists, other than that js no weirdo things

music bea, w2e, laufey, daniel caeser, grentperez, faye, pinkpantheress, noh salleh, niki, clairo, steve lacy, lamp, faye ++animanga kmt, aslfua, twothh, veil, ramen red cat, youchien wars, bofuri, carole & tuesday, ++ alot moreseries wifty, our beloved summer, business proposal, falling into your smile, lighter & princess, old enough!, ++